Find the best keywords for App Store Optimization

If you want to improve your App Store Optimization (ASO), the keywords are one of the main variables you can directly control.

Your App Store Keywords / Play Store Keywords will determine if your app shows up in the search results page (SRP).

Your App Store Rank / Play Store Rank on any given keyword is based on your conversion rate for that keyword. For example. You have a fitness app and you want to rank for “chest and back workout”. First, you need to use that keyword to be listed on the search results page when somebody types in “chest and back workout”. Your rank on this search results page will increase if more people download your app on that specific keyword search than other apps.

There are some great app store optimization tools out there that will help you dig deeper and find more relevant keywords. My favorite are App Annie and Sensor Tower but your own research.

Probably the most important variable is the app reviews, but that’s not something you can directly control. You can only influence the reviews by building an amazing product.

This video is part of my App Marketing & App Store Optimization (ASO) Series, click here to learn more:

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