Apple Search Ads Tutorial (2020)

In this Apple Search Ads Tutorial, I’m going to show you how to set up your Apple Search Ads Advanced and how to trick the algorithm to get the lowest possible price and lots of cheap installs for your app. 

The App Store Search Ads Advanced will ask you to bid on a tap (CPT – cost per tap) and bid on an install (CPI – cost per install). The app search ads work like an auction. The app that is willing to pay the most per install, will win and get the placement. 

For example, if someone types in the keyword “lose weight” and you’re bidding $0.5 CPI, but another company is bidding $0.6 CPI, the other app will be displayed in the search results page. 

In the Apple Search Ads Advanced settings, you can trick the algorithm by offering high CPT, but low CPI. At first, this doesn’t make sense. You would normally offer higher CPI than CPT. Meaning that you would be willing to pay more for someone to install your app, rather than just tap on the ad when it’s displayed. By offering higher CPT and lower CPI, you confuse the apple search ads cost structure. This is a bug and it hasn’t been fixed yet. 

Search ads are the simplest and (probably) the cheapest advertising you can get. I always recommend people to start with Apple Search Ads, if they want to get more install for their app through advertising. 

This video is from my series on ASO & App Marketing training. Click here to learn more –

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