Top 10 strategies to grow your business on TikTok

Fun fact: When I first joined TikTok, I knew nothing about the platform. But even though I wasn’t following any strategy, I was able to gain over 10.000 followers in just a month! In this post I will share my top 10 strategies for TikTok, giving you an insight into how to grow your account even faster than I did and create meaningful connections on the platform!

Keep in mind though, that this is just a brief outline, I’ll later upload posts diving deeper into each strategy.

Strategy 1: Post 3 to 5 times a day 

On other networks you run the risk to annoy your followers if you post too frequently, but not on TikTok! Here the algorithm is different and your videos are displayed to a random group of users (a small amount at first, and then more and more if your content proves to be popular). Your next videos will likely be shown to different groups, so you’re less at risk to overwhelm anyone with your content all while increasing your potential for reach. Thus, simply put, the more you post, the higher your chances to hit that one viral video that will take you to the next level.

Strategy 2: Participate in challenges

TikTok has created official challenges you can participate in if you don’t have any content ideas of your own or you’re new to creating videos. Simply participate in these very popular challenges. You’re likely to get a lot of attention, a lot of engagement and followers.

Strategy 3: The importance of the first few seconds

The attention span on TikTok is very short since people scroll through at around 100 miles an hour. The first one or two seconds of your video needs to be interesting, funny, and engaging enough to grab their attention and draw them in. The next challenge is keeping the engagement going throughout the remainder of the video.

Strategy 4: Follow trends

Trends are what keeps TikTok going. Anything that is repeated in your feed more than three times a day is already a trend and it can be anything from a specific song, a dance, or showing something in a particular way. 

If you see a trend jump on the bandwagon – do the same with your own personal spin!

Trends are popular for a reason, people love to watch them and you’re likely to gain the audience from using this to your own advantage.

Strategy 5: Use text overlays

Text overlays are a very powerful tool that keeps engagement with a video up and there is a variety of ways to use them. In some of your videos, you might need to use text to explain what is happening, or you might need to provide additional information to what you are saying. Other times it might simply be hard to hear you so a short summary of what you’re saying is invaluable to the context. All these are ways to provide additional value to the video and keep people engaged.

Strategy 6: Don’t use words or spoken language

Since TikTok is distributed internationally, there are many users on there that do not speak English. So if your video can be understood without any words, you increase your chances of going viral globally, independent of your location.

Strategy 7: Research 

TikTok is a highly diverse platform with wildly varying content. Find the most popular creators in your niche and analyze their top 10 most-viewed videos. Try to figure out what makes those videos special and then get inspired and post something similar but with your own twist, personality, and brand. 

Strategy 8: Popular and trending songs

Did you know that TikTok actually started out as a lip-syncing app called Musicly? Music continues to be a huge part of the platform and videos with popular songs attract more people than without. Using these songs can get you more attention and views than a lesser-known song. 

Strategy 9: Duets and reacts

Speaking of music, TikTok has a really fun feature that allows you to create duets. The original video will be put side by side with yours and you can choose to film your reaction to it or join the original video! This is a great way to create engaging content especially if you don’t have ideas for a new video. I’ve seen these types of videos perform really well.

Strategy 10: You

There are three important elements present in every single viral video – humor, creativity and the provision of valuable information – and you will be the one creating and delivering them. If you focus on these elements you are much more likely to create a successful video!

In summary, these are the top 10 strategies to grow your account to 10. 000 followers in one month:

  1. Post three to five times a day
  2. Participate in challenges 
  3. Catch attention in the first one or two seconds
  4. Follow trends
  5. Use text overlay
  6. Make videos without any spoken words or language
  7. Research the top creators in your field
  8. Use popular music
  9. Create a react or duet
  10. Provide creativity and valuable information

Stay tuned for more in-depth posts on each of these!

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What’s your experience with Tiktok so far? Leave a comment below!

(Edited by Kat Stroehm)

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